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About Me As a Therapist

One of the most important factors in achieving healing and growth from therapy is to find a therapist who is a great fit for you.

In therapy, you'll find that my style is warm, empathic, compassionate and empowering. I do my best to make therapy not feel dull and colorless by bringing my authentic personality into each session. By not allowing for sessions to become boring, you end up being more engaged, and getting more out of it. 

I pride myself in creating a safe space for clients to talk about their inner-most thoughts that we often wouldn't even consider telling our best friend. This is your space to talk about that thing that you think someone else would judge you for, in order to break down what it means for you. This can look like exploring unspoken pain from the past, resentments, sexual explorations, what some might consider "woo-woo" spirituality, somatic work or just a place to process your deepest, darkest emotions. Therapy is a place to get into the inner-most parts of yourself, and I aim to provide a place to do so.

Even though it may seem like professionals in this field have their crap together, everyone deals with struggles with something at one point or another. Don't believe anyone that tells you otherwise! As a self-disclosure, I like my clients to know that I've dealt with a variety of experiences in my life as a child, a sister, a friend, a best-friend, a pet owner (I've had some dogs here and there, but I'm a die hard cat lover), a spouse, a parent, a student, a colleague, an employee, a business owner and every other role that we might embody as humans. 

It is because of this that I believe, in order to better understand someone, you need to dive deeper into their experiences as humans. It is vital to approach each person with empathy and non-judgment, because you truly never know what someone else has gone through. We are all just a culmination of the different parts of our lives: loved ones, culture, society, language, childhood, and the list could go on forever. 

About Me As a Human

I've had an unhealthy obsession with cats since I was a young child. I'm currently a mom to an 8-year old boy, and a 5-year old Bombay cat named Luther (he may jump into our calls from time to time). I am an intuitive empath and outgoing introvert. I've always had a taste for sour things: pickles, Limon chips, mustard on burgers and sour candy. I have a goal to watch every tv show I can before I die--I love a good tv binge. I'd be lying if I said I didn't try to spend a lot of my free time watching tv shows with my family. Although my husband tries his best to get me off my butt and out into nature with our son in order to get our body moving! I despise the heat with a passion. You'll see how the heat begins to flare up my skin condition, Rosacea, through the summer. Since I was originally born in Washington state, my body is likely just waiting for the moment I get to move back to a mostly heatless state. Hah! Lastly, I appreciate roadtrips like no other, so enjoy a photo from my family roadtrip from Texas to Washington this past winter. 

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