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Mountain Ridge

My Approach

Individuals: As a therapist I don't see therapy as a one size fits all process. Each session can be different depending on what you bring. Some sessions will be focused on skill building to work through a specific difficulty, which can include activities like role playing. Other sessions will dive deeper into trauma and focus in on inner child work or a trauma narrative. Sometimes a session will solely be talk therapy as we break down a recent event in your life that has you unable to focus on other responsibilities in your life. Although I will be a therapeutic guide, this is a collaboration where you bring something to each session. 

With a combined relational and person-centered approach, I find value in exploring past relationships while using our therapeutic relationship as an important marker for change. This can look like me asking open-ended questions to help you build introspect and a deeper self-awareness. It can also be us exploring a relationship connection on a level that helps break down the impact on your life. In doing so, we can find patterns that might play out in other areas of your life. Throughout this entire process though, it is guided by you, because I believe you know where you need to go--you may just need a light shined on your different options. And maybe to be challenged from time to time! Whatever it may be that you need to heal, we will take the time to figure out what your individual needs are. Wounds heal as we take time to tend to them, not by rushing the process. 

Couples: When it comes to couples therapy, there is a greater focus on the relationship. However, similar to the individual approach, we will dive deeper into each individual client to see what their wants and needs are. Building off a Relational Life Therapy approach, couples therapy will take a "No Bullshit Approach." We'll dive into exactly what is happening in the relationship after taking the first few sessions of intake to gather all information from both partners. Then we'll be able to provide you both with the ability to make powerful insights that can sustain lasting change and integrate healthy new relational skills into your daily life. It isn't just focusing on the most troubling issues head-on, but actually targeting problem behaviors, underlying core issues and past traumas. By creating new connections, we will work through infidelity or trust issues, increase intimacy, improve communication, and deepen relational integrity. This is to help you hold yourselves, each other, and your relationship in greater warm regard. 

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