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Online Therapy for Adults & Couples in Texas

Online Therapist for Trauma, Anxiety/Depression & Relationships


Are you wanting to experience life more fully without worry, anxiety or doubt?

It's been a while since you've felt like YOU. Whether than means internally or within your relationships. You can sense that you're stuck in a cycle but can't seem to find your way out of it.

You may have even spent time and energy trying to find a solution. It feels frustrating you haven't been able to figure this out on your own, or find a therapist that can help you connect the pieces. 

You know there needs to be deeper exploration within yourself or your relationships. You just aren't sure where to start or how to effectively get there.

Hi! I'm Ysabel.


I'm your dedicated partner for nurturing a deep sense of connection & authenticity in your relationship with yourself or your partner.

Lost in the hustle of daily life, wrestling with relationships, or feeling a bit lost? Maybe you're longing for a deeper connection with your partner or chasing personal growth, but something's off, and you can't quite put your finger on it. It's like you're just skimming the surface of yourself, and the reasons are elusive.


Perhaps your relationship is on shaky ground, or when you're alone, a flood of heavy emotions and thoughts leaves you scratching your head.


You don't have to continue on this path . There's a journey waiting for you, where you discover a whole new you. It's not just about gaining insight; it's about empowerment and the unshakable belief that positive change is not just a possibility but a reality within reach.

In our therapy sessions, we're not just covering today's worries; we're diving deep into the echoes of yesterday's pain & difficulty. I'll meet you exactly where you are, ready to guide you through a fresh perspective on yourself, your world, and your relationships. Together, we'll break down all the areas of your life in order to bring your life or relationship to less shaky grounds.

We'll use somatic techniques to help you become more attuned with your body. It's not just talk; it's about connecting with your entire being. We'll tap into the wisdom your body holds, unraveling knots of tension and unlocking a profound connection between your mind and body.

You don't want to just find yourself, you want to get that spark back & rebuild connections that really count. I can help you find your way!


What Can We Explore Together?
  • Relationship Fears

  • Sexual Intimacy

  • Emotional Intimacy 

  • Communication

  • Role Expectations

  • Values, Beliefs & Goals

  • Pre-Marital Concerns

  • Parenting

  • Blended Families

  • Attachment 

  • Family Dynamics

  • Trust & Betrayal

  • Life Transitions

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Trauma

  • Relational Trauma

  • Relationship Challenges

  • Avoidance

  • Inner-Child

  • Past Relationships

  • Boundaries

  • Abandonment Wounds

  • Stress

  • Self-Compassion

  • Co-Dependency

  • Fears


Complex & Relational Trauma

You might not even be sure if you'd call it "trauma" because you feel others have had it worse. Yet, as you reflect, you realize that part of your life or relationships have been challenging with uncomfortable experiences. Trauma leaves deep imprints on the psyche, influencing sense of self, perception of others, and ability to form & maintain healthy relationships.


I can help you can create a life rich in present-moment awareness, as you gently release yourself from the grip of past wounds.



It's natural to feel a wave of hesitation when contemplating couples therapy. Relationships can be a source of joy in life, but they can also introduce intense pain, disappointment & stress.


Regardless of the complexities of your unique relationship, together we can unlock the door to a relationship infused with passion, connection & genuine joy. 


Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety can take over with persistent worries, unease, and restless thoughts that can manifest as physical discomfort, fear, and a sense of impending doom. 

Depression takes over the mind and heart with a fog that drains joy, motivation & energy. It can color life, leaving a sense of emptiness that can't always be seen.

Together we can unweave the layers of these struggles to allow you to rediscover a life with hope, resilience & healing.


Life Transitions

Life transitions often hit us when we least expect it, but even if we know it's coming it can be filled with uncertainty. It can be transitioning into college, a new career, navigating a major relationship change, coping with the loss of a loved one, preparing for parenthood, or rediscovering personal identity after a major life event.


I'm here to provide a space to navigate these transitions with clarity. A space to tap into your inner resilience, with authenticity & a renewed sense of purpose. 

Therapy Sessions

Therapy Approaches

Child in a Bear Costume

Inner Child Work

Begin to draw connections with childhood experiences & how they can subtly guide your adult behavior. Together we'll identify what needs healing & love, which leads to realignment between grown self & inner child.

Friendly Conversation

Mindfulness CBT

Learn to have a non-judgmental & accepting attitude toward your thoughts, emotions & experiences. Create a more adaptive relationship with your thoughts & emotions to better manage difficult emotions. Learn to observe your experiences without attachment or avoidance, while becoming aware of your body's involvement in the process.

Lying in Green Field

Somatic Embodiment

Learn to live more connected to your body and your nervous system. Focus on your body, thoughts, and actions in relation to your physical being and energy. Work towards releasing pent-up tension that is impacting your overall mental health & wellness.

Toy Brain


Tap into your brain's natural ability to heal itself. Through focused attention on specific points in your visual field, access and process deep-rooted emotions, memories, and trauma that may be holding you back. You can explore these internal landscapes, facilitating healing and growth in ways you might not have thought possible.

Childhood Psychology


Learn to have balance between acceptance and change in your life, while incorporating mindfulness. Work towards knowing how to better manage your emotions, develop effective interpersonal skills & enhance your ability to tolerate distress. Build a life worth living despite emotional challenges.

Holding Hands

Relational Life Therapy

Learn to improve your relationships (couples, families, friends & individually): a romantic relationship, improve connection with family members or navigate challenging interpersonal dynamics in other areas of your life. You'll explore relational patterns, identify areas that need improvement & identify strategies to create positive changes. The ultimate goal of creating a foundation for lasting, meaningful connection with others through relational mindfulness.

Pink Gradient

Not sure where to start?

1. Book a free 15-minute virtual consultation to find out if we're a good fit.


  • Reach out over my contact page letting me know when you'd like to connect. Or you can text me at (512) 641-5971. We'll schedule a virtual consultation as early as same day.

  • During the virtual consultation, I'll ask a couple of questions to get to know you & answer any questions you have so we both can be sure we're a good fit.

  • If we aren't, no worries! The important thing is to find the right therapist for you, and I can provide you with referrals. 

2. Get to work & focus on you!

  • Join me on a weekly or bi-weekly basis to begin getting to know each other & work towards your goals & healing. 

I respond 7 days a week, within 24 hours to find a time that will work for the both of us. 

Talk to you soon!

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